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Thank you so much for your time over the past few weeks. The program as we discussed, is working much better for me than I had imagined and I would like to let you know how I’ve been using the Optimal Health products to hit some goals. At the outset I let you know that I didn’t think OH was for me because my body fat percentage is 10 and I was looking to build lean body mass only. I wanted to gain 5 – 10 pounds that I had lost recently because I was, as it turns out, not consuming calories in excess of my BMR. I didn’t have time to eat and my body was feeding on itself during hard workouts. Knowing that I need to eat every two to three hours, I use the bars and shakes to supplement the in-between meals and I’ve gained the 10 pounds in a month. Now I get all of the natural and balanced nutrition I need… Fast. The mirror and scale tell me that I hit the target. I use whey protein isolate on occasion but the OH products are much more balanced, they stay with me longer than a typical protein shake and my energy level has been great. Thank you again for your help. I’m glad you stayed with me when I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. It definitely does.

Brett Tesio


85% of all people who use a 'diet', gain their weight back plus more in 2 years


A 10% reduction in weight leads to a 50% health gain